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For Expats new in Switzerland

Motivated and Resilient Teachers & Healthy Kids

Esh-Consulting specialises in providing health solutions in the workplace and addressing Sensitive Health Matters. Our comprehensive range of services includes a thorough questionnaire, treatment plan, blood and other analysis, infusions, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture, and herbal remedies.


Additionally, we offer leadership coaching, business development, negotiation support, retreats, and awareness days.

Trust Esh Consulting to prioritize the health, wellness, and happiness of your team.

Our Services

Tailor-made programs for your company


Following a 3-step plan, we get your company to reach its full potential. Invest in your employees' well-being, so they can grow and thrive. 

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With a comprehensive and anonymous questionnaire of your leadership team and employees, we gather the information we need in order to understand your needs.  


Analysis & Strategy

After analysing your health and wellbeing data, we create the best strategy to tackle your needs. 


Tailored Packages

We apply our expertise to create tailored solutions and packages. We start the process with your team, track improvements and make adjustments if needed. 

How we implement Functional Medicine

We come to your company, work with your needs, and initiate the process to reach optimal corporate health and well-being. 

Your organisation can benefit by having a more productive and happy workforce while reducing employee sick leave and minimizing insurance premiums. As an added value to your company, we work with most insurance providers in Switzerland.  

The process starts with an assessment at your facility, where we conduct a holistic, comprehensive analysis of your entire company. 

We provide an anonymous questionnaire that includes sections about stress management, sleep patterns, mental health, hormonal health, dietary habits, addiction, and the emotional connection to the team and the company. 

After the assessment phase is finalised, we proceed with the analysis of the data to prepare a tailor-made and holistic strategy for your company. We work tightly with the managing directors to find the best solutions. We plan the different methods, frequencies, and approaches to implement. 

The final phase is the program implementation and reevaluation. Our highly qualified team of experts in all the required areas will take care of your entire workforce at the convenience of your office. 

Take the first step to implement a program that works for your organisation and employees. 

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