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We offer treatments for relaxation or illness at home and seek your improvement of your health.

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The Integrative Approach of Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a comprehensive approach that bridges the gap between the past and the future of healthcare. It delves into an individual's complete health history, analyzing when and where issues originated. By understanding the "why" behind a health concern, we can craft a targeted treatment plan, addressing the root cause and connecting all the dots.

This approach is both futuristic and traditional. It breaks away from the conventional "pill for an ill" mindset, opting for upstream medicine that focuses on the root cause. Functional Medicine considers organ systems, inflammation pathways, the microbiome, the brain, metabolism, detoxification, lymphatic and hormonal systems, all within the context of the client's narrative and stressors.

In Corporate Health at Esh-Consulting, we apply Functional Medicine principles to create a tailored framework for each individual within the organisation. By understanding the unique health story of employees, we design comprehensive solutions that address the root causes, promoting well-being and resilience in the workplace.

A holistic Approach

To truly understand the big picture of a healthy company, it's essential to zoom in on the individual stories of each employee, recognizing them as integral pieces of the whole. We believe that a comprehensive health strategy begins with a detailed examination of each person's unique health journey. By addressing individual needs and fostering a supportive environment, we create a workplace where every piece contributes to the overall well-being and functionality of the company. In order to reach your success goals we track the steps and workforce along the way. 

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Thriving Workplace Through Holistic Corporate Health

We comprehensively assess health (A to Z) for an optimal workplace, considering physical, mental well-being, and other factors affecting the work environment. The rise in Sensitive Health Matters (SHM) demands attention.

Esh-Consulting provides on-site services, including blood analysis, infusions, nutrition, counseling, acupuncture, and leadership coaching, promoting holistic well-being. We also offer online programs, Awareness Days, and exclusive off-site retreats for corporate leaders. Zoom in on individual stories to see the bigger picture of a healthy company.

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