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Careers at Esh Consulting
Join Our Team of Holistic Healthcare Experts

At Esh Consulting, we prioritize building a strong team of experts. Our selection process focuses on individuals with significant experience in the field of holistic approaches. We prefer practitioners who have their own established practice and possess at least five years of experience. We are actively seeking qualified body workers, coaches, medical practitioners, and MPA's (Medical Practice Assistants) who are capable of drawing blood and administering infusions. Join our team and contribute to our mission of delivering exceptional holistic healthcare services. In addition to our focus on promoting health in corporate settings, we extend the same commitment to our freelancers. We offer free educational courses and events to enhance their professional development. Our freelancers also benefit from a generous hourly rate and have the opportunity to receive shares in Esh-Consulting. We value and support the growth and success of our freelancers as integral members of our team

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