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Tailored Solutions for SMI 30-250

Enhancing Workplace Dynamics

For companies with 30-250 employees, Esh-Consulting offers tailored solutions focusing on fostering a motivated, well-functioning, and communicative work environment. Understanding and promoting effective communication among workers is paramount for the success of the business. We address issues such as high sick leave rates by facilitating understanding, open communication, and team learning to incorporate sensitivity to mental or physical health challenges. Our Awareness Days provide an excellent opportunity for your company to engage with us and enhance overall well-being

Our Services

Tailor-made programs for your company


Following a 3-step plan, we get your company to reach its full potential. Invest in your employees' well-being, so they can grow and thrive. 

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With a comprehensive and anonymous questionnaire of your leadership team and employees, we gather the information we need in order to understand your needs.  


Analysis & Strategy

After analysing data about wellbeing, motivation and stressors, we create the best strategy to tackle your needs. 


Tailored Packages

We apply our expertise to create tailored solutions and packages. We start working with your teams or leadership, track improvements and make adjustments on the go. 

Discover Our Corporate Wellness Packages

Embark on a transformative journey with 3-step program for CHF 2500 up to 30 participants, featuring a comprehensive assessment. Opt for a personalised package and enjoy a 70% deduction.

Step into health consciousness with our customizable 'Health Awareness Day' program, whether onsite or offsite, promising enlightening activities.

Elevate leadership with our 3-7 day family retreats, integrating personal well-being with professional growth.

For an extended commitment, our 4-month team program, supported by our environmental medicine team and nutritionists, detoxifies and propels your company forward.

Explore our year-long in-house program, offering flexibility in pre-booking services, from coaching to massage.

At Esh-Consulting, inclusivity is paramount, and our awareness days aim to break health-related taboos."

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