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Choose which Functional Medicine Package works for your company

Our packages are based on your corporate needs.

We provide packages for your “entire company” and/or for “top tier” management.

For your entire company, you can start with a Discovery Package or go for a full solution of Health Reevaluated. 

For your top-tier management, we provide offsite retreat programs.  

As an additional service, we also provide events such as Awareness Days.

Corporate Solutions

When you have your entire company in mind, you choose a comprehensive solution to address everyone in your company.

At the Office

Discovery Package – 4 Months

Experience the transformative power of our four-month discovery package, designed for your entire company to fulfill a full cycle of wellness. Witness firsthand the positive changes that can elevate your company and boost the well-being of your associates.


Why four months?

We align our package duration with the natural lifespan of the body's biology and blood cells, which is approximately 120 days, as well as the behavioral implementation of new habits. 

Contact us today to begin this incredible voyage of positive change and discover the immense value it brings to your organization.

Germinated Plant


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Nutritional Cooking

Health Reevaluated – 12 Months

This package is specially designed for companies that would like to care for the well-being of their employees during the whole year. The Health Reevaluated package includes a range of services: 

  • a survey of the team(s)

  • a comprehensive health assessment

  • personalized consultations with healthcare professionals

  • diagnostic tests (blood and microbiome analysis etc.)

  • follow-up appointments

  • bodywork (massage, osteopathy, IHHT, acupuncture etc.)

  • access to our professional team and resources for a thorough evaluation and reevaluation of your health

  • mindfulness and meditation (changing meeting cultures)

  • cooking and nutrition workshops


Why 12-Months? 

Your company can benefit from a comprehensive full-year program. This program allows our team of experts to go deeper into the treatments and provide follow-ups and adjustments as progress is done. 

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