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Health-Awareness Days

The perfect corporate initiatives for today's world

Stay up-to-date with the world around you. We live in a new era where awareness and sensitivity make a difference. Having tools is key for better collaboration and finally for better results. Let's promote a healthier and more inclusive work environment for everyone. 

Team up with us to empower your company through Awareness and lasting effects.

Our workshops are perfect to add to the international awareness-days calendar. We dedicate part of our work to bring to Switzerland this particular awareness as it impacts our health. 

Meditating in Nature

"Awareness is the greatest agent for change"

- Eckhart Tolle

Health-Awareness Day 
What you can expect 

Here we present you an example of an Health-Awareness-Day in your company.

Morning starting at 9am

  • 9am - Opening session presenting the health matter to the entire team or company with program presentation.  

  • 9.20am - Body awareness session (Yoga, Meditation etc.)

  • 9.45am Healthy mid morning snacks 

  • 10am - sessions of 20 min with our practitioners: (acupuncture, massage, altitude training IHHT, hypnosis, counselling, osteopathy etc.) 1.5 hours

  • 11.45am - healthy catered lunch with lecture on foods for health topic, food awareness 

  • 1pm - Workshop in groups on topic with tools to keep

  • 2pm - sessions on practical tools for teams and team leaders 

  • 3.30pm - healthy mid afternoon snacks

  • - lecture and mindful ending of awareness day

Team Meeting
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MenoJoy - Workshop
Transitioning Women from Menopause Syndrome to MenoJoy

Menopause affects all women after childbearing age,

some experience no symptoms, while others face a variety of unwanted side effects. At our workshop, we guide women towards embracing this new transitional time and empower them through this challenging phase.


While men renew their sperm every 72-90 days, women were born with their eggs set already. By the age between 49-52 women stop having their period which is a result in a huge hormonal shift. Depending on the stress levels in the woman's life, symptoms will become more apparent. Some of the most common symptoms of menopause are: depression and anxiety, joint pains, insomnia and fatigue, skin dryness, hot flushes, weight gain.


On this workshop we educate you about female health, resilience, self-care and self-awareness.

By investing in their well-being, you retain valuable talent and gain advocates within your company. Support your female employees through this transformative phase and unlock the benefits of their wisdom.


MidlifeJoy - Workshop

Midlife Crisis Awareness Day

Just as women experience the challenges of menopause during their midlife, men also go through a similar phase, albeit at different times depending on their hormonal balance. At MidlifeJoy, we take a proactive approach to address male hormonal balance from the age of 35 when testosterone levels begin to decline.


A lack of testosterone can impact various aspects of health, including memory, focus, sleep, hair growth, bone health, longevity, muscle health, immune system function, sexuality, and overall joy.


To ensure male employees perform at their best, we educate you about male health and offer assessments and treatments tailored to restore their optimal health balance.


Invest in the well-being of your male workforce, providing them with the knowledge and support they need to thrive. Unlock the full potential with MidlifeJoy and enjoy the benefits of a balanced and energised team. 

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EndoJoy - Workshop

Empowering Women with Endometriosis: Sensitizing and Treating Employees

According to the WHO, 10% of the global female population suffers from the debilitating hormonal disorder known as Endometriosis. However, many more women experience pain and are unable to work during their menstrual periods. Endometriosis, often accompanied by estrogen dominance, can cause increased pain, fainting, cyst growth, and emotional disturbances, including heightened stress hormones leading to fear disorders like panic attacks.


At Esh-Consulting, we take it upon ourselves to educate corporations on sensitive health matters like Endometriosis. Through our Esh-Awareness Day, we sensitize teams and provide individualized treatment for affected employees. By addressing this condition within your company, your employees will appreciate your support and become advocates for your services/products.


Our services include hormone analysis, medical history assessment, hormone balance treatments through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.


Empower your female employees with the knowledge and care they deserve, and unlock the loyalty and advocacy they can offer.

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