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Schools & Childcares

Motivated and Resilient Teachers, Care givers & Healthy Kids

Esh-Consulting advocates for the well-being of educators, teachers, and children in daycares, after-school care, and schools by implementing targeted measures for holistic health. Through individual coaching and therapeutic approaches such as acupuncture, we promote stress management and emotional balance for the educational staff.

Simultaneously, we provide training for kitchen staff to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. Because we believe that food is not only sustenance but also medicine, especially for the essential development of children.

Our holistic approach contributes to creating a supportive environment where both adults and children can thrive.

Our Services

Kids Gardening


Childcare & Care takers

We promote stress management in daycare centers and after-school care facilities in the DACH region. The high noise level in these workplaces can lead to various symptoms. Learn how we can create a healthier work environment. Schedule a consultation appointment.


Happy Teachers

Discover how we support teachers in achieving a balanced work-life balance with customized programs for stress management and health promotion. Invest in your well-being and contact us for a personal consultation. Together, we create a healthy and fulfilling teaching experience.


Nutrition at Lunch

Our focus is on the importance of balanced nutrition in schools for everyone. We advocate for a healthy diet that is easy for kitchen staff to prepare, believing that conventional solutions such as sausages, pasta, and cornflakes are not optimal.

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