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Full-Time & On-site Service

Functional Medicine Expert

Team up with us to provide you with dedicated experts on your premises. Our Functional Medicine expert will provide full-time service to your organization. This is beneficial for larger companies with at least 200 employees. Your workforce can access a health provider without the need to leave your premises, which saves time, ensures well-being, and increases benefits. 


Office-Based Health Services

We provide the expertise and equipment to serve your company's needs, and you supply us with a dedicated space for our services. We work as independent contractors on your premises.

We follow the highest standards in our practices, ensuring that all services provided are strictly confidential. 

All services are provided on-site, and you can choose between a dedicated room for therapies, or transforming multiple rooms into a professional Health-Station within your workspace.


Our comprehensive offerings include: 

  • Small lab

  • Access to doctors specialists

  • A variety of therapies like: infusions, massage, IHHT, coaching, etc. 

Experience the convenience and quality of our on-site services to prioritize the health and wellness of your team. Book a consultation today. 

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"Good health IS good business."

 - Paul Dreschler, Chairman, Bibby Line Group

Why is an On-Site Expert right for you?


Our team of experts can assist your organization and each member of it when there is any struggle with their health and/or other sensitive issues that can disrupt the workflow. The aim is to create a perfect environment for all employees to work and thrive together. 

One of the main advantages of having a dedicated Functional Medicine specialist on-site is that your workforce does not have to commute or take time off to receive treatment and support. 

All our medical services are in compliance with Swiss Insurance companies. Thanks to that, most of the medical services can be covered by the employee's health insurance.

Some services such as coaching, massages, IHHT (Intense Hyperbaric Hypoxic Therapy), vitamin infusion, nutrition, etc., can be discussed with the organization to find an optimal balance for coverage. 

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