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Embassies & XPat Companies 

Partnering with XPat Companies and their employees, we support embassies in facilitating smooth transitions to Switzerland.

Esh-Consulting provides specialized support to embassies and consulate services, fostering health and well-being within diplomatic missions. Our comprehensive services extend to assisting companies and employees relocating to Switzerland, ensuring a smooth transition for families. By prioritizing health, security, and well-being, we contribute to creating a positive and secure environment for embassy staff and their families.

Embassy Health and Relocation Support

Ensuring Well-Being for Diplomats and Expatriates in Switzerland

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With a comprehensive and anonymous questionnaire of your leadership team and employees, we gather the information we need in order to understand your needs.  


Analysis & Strategy

After analysing your health and wellbeing data, we create the best strategy to tackle your needs. 


Tailored Packages

We apply our expertise to create tailored solutions and packages. We start the process with your team, track improvements and make adjustments if needed. 

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