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Customized Corporate Health

Services for a better 

Esh-Consulting specialises in providing health solutions for corporates addressing Prevention, Motivation and Sensitive Health Matters (SHM). Our comprehensive range of services includes individualised healthcare plans, lifestyle analysis, vitamin infusions, nutrition counsseling, body treatments, acupuncture, and aesthetic treatments.


We bring our services to small medium and large corporations, hotels, c

Additionally, we offer leadership coaching, business development, negotiation support, retreats, and awareness days.

Trust Esh Consulting to prioritize the health, wellness, and happiness of your team.

Keynote Speeches Inspire a Sense of Renewal

A concise short lecture from our experts provides the right impetus to your workforce. The topics range from exercise, nutrition, stress to addiction prevention – the spectrum is vast. The exact theme and design of the lecture should, in any case, be tailored to the target audience and possible existing challenges within your company. What makes keynote speeches practical is that they do not take up much time and can involve a relatively large number of participants per session.

Lecture Presentation
Scientist on Computer

Checkups Deliver Results

Provide your colleagues with tangible results in black and white. Whether it's a blood test on minerals or vitamins, heart rate variability measurement, or an analysis of body composition, the measured data ensures that each participant actively engages with their health. The positive effect is even greater when an expert can immediately provide insights and helpful tips after the measurement.

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The Integrative Approach of Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a comprehensive approach that bridges the gap between the past and the future of healthcare. It delves into an individual's complete health history, analyzing when and where issues originated. By understanding the "why" behind a health concern, we can craft a targeted treatment plan, addressing the root cause and connecting all the dots.

This approach is both futuristic and traditional. It breaks away from the conventional "pill for an ill" mindset, opting for upstream medicine that focuses on the root cause. Functional Medicine considers organ systems, inflammation pathways, the microbiome, the brain, metabolism, detoxification, lymphatic and hormonal systems, all within the context of the client's narrative and stressors.

In Corporate Health at Esh-Consulting, we apply Functional Medicine principles to create a tailored framework for each individual within the organisation. By understanding the unique health story of employees, we design comprehensive solutions that address the root causes, promoting well-being and resilience in the workplace.

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