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Aligning Business Health and Wellbeing for Peak Performance

We Connect the Dots between Existing Dynamics, Health, Wellbeing and Your Success and Revenue Goals 

Why should employers prioritize the well-being of their employees?

Because it is not only morally right but also makes good business sense. When employees feel supported and valued, they are more motivated, engaged, and productive. Prioritizing well-being fosters a positive work environment, reduces turnover rates, and enhances employee loyalty. Even more by investing in employee well-being can lead to fewer absences, lower healthcare costs, and ultimately contribute to the overall success and sustainability of the organization. The results are: when employees thrive, so does the business.

This report from 2022 on shows that over a third of the employees in Europe required regular sick leave. This state can not continue this way. Change needs to happen NOW

Focusing on the Big Picture

At Esh-Consulting, we work like putting together a puzzle to create a healthy and smooth workplace. We align with your company's goals, aiming for zero issues and full functionality. Every piece, including employee health, contributes to a vibrant business.


Achieving a Full and healthy Workflow throughout the Business & Working with Zero interferences

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Awards Ceremony
Our employees at Pietrobon HVAC GmbH were fortunate to receive weekly health treatments from Esh-Consulting, including massage, infusions, acupuncture, and coaching. After three months of intensive care at both locations – the office and the construction site – we observed significant improvements in satisfaction, motivation, and productivity. Downtime was reduced, contributing to improved revenue. Particularly impressive is that Esh-Consulting consistently reviews progress and ensures that the solutions provided are effective. Both management and employees are equally enthusiastic and wholeheartedly recommend Esh-Consulting.

Pietrobon HVAC GmbH, Zurich

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